Marlon and Laura Manansala spend nearly every waking hour together, and
they prefer it that way. They share the same family values and work ethics and
have a mutual respect that transcends business and carries over into their
daily lives. No matter what they are doing ---whether It's watching movies,
talking about the great things that happen during their day or doing
after-school activities with their two children, they are just comfortable being

No Place Like Home
If you ask Marlon & Laura about Union City, they'll tell you they can't think of
anywhere they'd rather call home. They enjoy the culture and the great ethnic
restaurants. The family feels safe here. It is a tightly knit community and they
know all their neighbor's names. They love the mild weather and the outdoor
events nearby. Simply put, these two hard-working professionals are
comfortable here, and they feel fortunate to be able to raise their family in
such a great place.

When Marlon & Laura aren't working tirelessly with their clients on their most
important investment, they enjoy the simple things in life. For Marlon, it could
be a round of golf or cooking Asian Cuisine for his family. When he was an
ironworker, he used to enjoy building Hotrods and welding, but today he likes
to work in his garden and do home-improvement projects. Marlon & Laura love
taking their son and daughter to the beach, where Laura rejuvenates by just
watching the waves. To relax, Laura likes to read and watch movies.
Putting You At Ease
When it comes to something as important as a home purchase or sale, you want to
know you are working with real estate professionals who are not only
knowledgeable-able, experienced and familiar with the current market and available
inventory, but with whom you'd feel comfortable and can trust to help with your most
important decisions. It's clear that in Union City, More and more people are turning to
Marlon & Laura for all their real estate needs. And the most comforting thing about
working with them is having the confidence of knowing you are in good hands and your
transaction will be handled with care. You'll often find Marlon & Laura jogging to keep
fit-with their children following close behind on their bicycles In addition, Laura is a
broker who has access to the most up-to-date industry information and, as longtime
residents, they both are area experts and can help you find the right home to fit your
needs. They are detail oriented, take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and
desires and truly educating you on every step of the way. If you are looking to sell your
home, they possess extensive marketing backrounds from their experience as business
owners of a jewelry store, so they are uniquely skilled in developing strategic plans of
action to bring qualified buyers to your door.

Marlon & Laura's high level of commitment to their client's needs is matched by their
desire to make them feel cared for, comfortable and informed.

A Comfortable Fit
With Marlon's passion and commitment for his work and Laura's determination to help
you reach your goals, it's bound to be A Comfortable Fit in real estate working with this
two professionals. Call Marlon & Laura today. You'll be glad you did.
What happens when a husband and wife decide to become business partners?
When you are talking about local real estate professionals, Marlon & Laura
Manansala, it’s a perfect fit. They share the same work ethic, family values and
upbeat approach to life and business. It just feels right.

You can expect to feel that same level of comfort working with them on your
home sale or purchase. What you’ll appreciate even more important than
Marlon & Laura’s experience, knowledge, integrity, is the confidence you’ll feel
knowing that they will be completely committed to helping you meet your goals.
Not only will they work together as a team to achieve the results you are after,
they will go above and beyond to keep you informed every step of the way.
Past clients will tell you that Marlon & Laura will feel like old friends by the time
your transaction is closed. If you’re looking for A Comfortable Fit in real estate,
you owe it to yourself to work with the team that just feels right for the job.
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